Vasapira, The Uncounted: oil on birch (18″ x 24″).

This queen renews life with no ideal bounds where death had apparently devoted the body. She pursues nature in its darkness, conceiving the horrors of secret toil. She carries a crown of horns from the decaying elements of uncounted years. Her senses once again gratified and refreshed by the taste of life’s nutrients, and she returns to a sight of uncanny beauty. The blood countess is the master of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter!

Vasapira the uncounted

Vasapira the uncounted close up

After feeding, the degraded and wasted once again flourish, filling the capillaries abundance of life force that rises to the surface of the skin to fill the face with the most needed texture of the living, blossoming the cheeks that had grown pale.

Vasapira face closeup




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