A World of Pink

As the summer ends, I like to share one of the paintings I recently finished. Coming up with a title was challenging because the motivation behind it was mainly a compositional one and less about flamingos than my initial concept of  clusters of “pink pearls”, and as it proceeded, maybe was more like pink cotton candy. This was one of those paintings that I enjoyed the process more than the outcome, delightfully mixing a variety of shades and chroma of pink. Pink, a color that’s lively and glows, always beautiful no matter the shift in hue or shade. It’s amazing what a tad of it can do to grey, giving a dead “color” life. There’s no ugly shade or shift! Unfortunately, the depth and variety of what I’ve conveyed is not as apparent in the photo. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant excuse to exercise and share my passion.  ” A World of Pink” is a fitting name since the color mesmerized my summer and much time was devoted to repeating variation of the color through hundreds of flamingos.

….And It has been accepted to a local show.

36″‘ x 48″, oil on canvas


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