Athena: Greek Mythology

Athena and Aegis

In Greek Mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war, strength, courage, and on and on. It seems like the Greeks just wanted to give this woman all the goods! She’s definitely one of the most well known gods in Greek Mythology. Here, she is portrayed with Aegis, a shield with the head of Medusa, given to her after Perseus finished with all his fun of turning meanies to stones. Yes, it’s alive! How do you attach a head to a shield? Don’t think that was ever explained nor artists do justice to the idea in paintings. Here in my interpretation, the head and the snakes intertwined with the magical shield so that the snakes come in and out of the it. Next to athena is her little owl, also one of her symbols. In the background is her cape, spear, and armor (not shown). It’s her day off!

30" x 40", oil on wood panel

30″ x 40″, oil on wood panel



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